Efficient Solutions, Captivate The Audience

What is Digital Signage? Digital Signage is a form of indoor/outdoor information and advertising with contents and messages displayed on an electronic screen where contents can be changed constantly without modification to the physical screen. Digital signage offers attractive advertising and informative messages compared to traditional printed signs. It is all because of digital signage uses high definition LCD TV, thus makes anything appear on the screen become so clear and crisp.

It is as flexible as ever for it can be controlled electronically and remotely using a computer. It can support multiple format of digital contents such as video, animation, picture, text and sound. Another advantage of digital signage is it can be easily assembled to the targeted area such as shopping mall, retail store, cafeteria, restaurant, hotel lobby and even in an escalator. The purpose is of course, to capture audience attention.

Therefore, it is no doubt that the combination of these factors is what makes the message in digital signage is delivered smartly and efficiently than any other media.

Why Choose Mal Digital Signage?

MAL-TEL TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. is one of the leading and fastest growing digital signage solutions provider in Malaysia. MAL has complete proven solutions in digital signage, from hardware, software, panels, engineering to internet broadband solutions.

Our Solutions Consists of :

 1. Digital Signage Solution
   • Digital Advertising Solution
   • Digital Directory Solution
   • Digital Lobby Welcome Board Solution
   • Digital Door Signage Solution
   • Digital Menu
   • Digital Forex Exchange Board Solution
   • Digital Pathfinder Solution
   • Touch Screen / Kiosk Solution
 2. High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)
 3. OEM (Customization) TV Solution

MAL Digital Signage Solution is known for its powerful application that continues to ‘wow’ with unparalleled power to entertain, educate and inform the audience with a simple yet powerful technology.

MAL Digital Signage consist of three main elements which are :

 1. Hardware
   • Media Box Player (RDMC 3P, RDMC PRO, RDMC Lite, RDMC ENTRY, LDMC)
   • Server (5 to 200 Clients) Software

 2. Software
   • Mal RDMC Digital Signage Software
   • Mal LDMC Digital Signage Software Display

 3. Display
   • MAL LCD

Mal Digital Signage Solution offers user friendly software which can be learned and used by all types of user, not only IT oriented users.

RDM Software V 2.0 software is meant for a Digital Signage application, to manage and schedule the media content. It is a secured web based system which is very convenient to log in everywhere, everytime provided there is an internet connection.