1. User Friendly GUI
- Software is designed to have a very simple navigation, to avoid any confusion for user.

2. Easy Template Creation
- Unlike other software, RDMS V2.0 has a ‘drag & drop’ feature for creating a template. It is WYSIWYG, and user can add background for the template before creating any field.
- Creating any field takes only a few seconds, plus it has provided a coordinate correction for the field location.

3. Project Management
- User can manage all projects in category for every single file uploaded, as well as signage category.

4. System and Network Management
- RDM Software V 2.0 also provide user a useful system and Network Management, where user can do all the setting according to the projects current LAN network.
- User can change the time and date setting by using GUI.
- User can do remote restart and shut down for individual player.

5. Statistical Reporting and Analytic
- RDM Software V 2.0 provide a report log for all the activities occurred in the configured system. Eg : Login tracking and content playback.

6. System Health Monitoring
- RDM Software V 2.0 can keep track on every player configured in same server, to monitor its online and offline status.
- It will flash red alert if something is not running accordingly. It will also monitor the player time, file transferred status and database synchronization.

7. Convenient Media File Format
- The media file format is very convenient where it use what designer and advertising company usually use for their artwork such as jpeg, png, giff and swf for picture, mpeg and mov for video.

8. Security
- RDM Software V 2.0 provides user the Login control, where user can set every field, every menu to display for each user. Administrator will have the full control for the whole system, and he can create other login for new user and their right.

The beauty of MAL Digital Signage is that we can customize the system based on what client’s requirements are. We will gather all requirements, and will propose and advice which solution is the best, based on the requirements. It will apply from hardware to software and the way client wants the display to be designed.
With a very strong team, we are very confident to give our clients full package services for Digital Signage Solution. We will take care from hardware, software, LCD or Plasma, installation , networking and design.

Mal Digital Signage gives user a choice of:

A. Centralized Digital Signage Setup
This will need a Player, Server and network connection to connect each Player to the server. User will control the system through the server.

B. Standalone Digital Signage Setup
User will control the system connected directly to the Player. No networking needed.