datuk as khamisIt gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to Mal-Tel and to the world of communication which has evolved into a challenging and ever changing format and equipment in our established borderless and global world where we lived now. Being a company that plays the role and contribute to the development and progress of the communication particularly in trunk radio business, we are proud to stand side by side with other players of the industry.

In this fast growing and sophisticated cross border communication world, every single population just cannot avoid the wave of changes that has been brought about by the modern and ever changing information technology (IT). The end users demand more efficient, effective and secured system of communication and Mal-Tel is proud to be part and parcel of the growth in this industry.

With the phasing out of the analogue and introduction of a complete digital system of communication by 2015 by the Government, Mal-tel is expected to play even a bigger role in supporting, complimenting and contributing towards the success in modernizing the communication system not only in Malaysia but also in the region.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Government of Malaysia and the related agencies for the excellent working relationship which has resulted in the private sector like us to prosper further. To our clients we assure you of our best professional service always and to the management and staff of Mal-Tel, thank you for the commitment and contribution as well as the loyal service to the company. Let’s move ahead together and enjoy the success as a reward for each and every one of us. With best regards.

Datuk A S Khamis
Chairman of Mal-Tel Group of Companies