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Going Digital

“In June 2011 Mal-Tel started building it own digital trunked radio service – the NX-DigitalTM Service – powered by Kenwood’s NEXEDGE ® technology. As part of the company’s nationwide roll-out plan, Mal-Tel’s specialized sales teams are marketing subscription-based services and radio hardware in 13 zones spread across 6 main regions in Malaysia.”

Communication Solution

Since 1999 Mal-Tel Communication Sdn Bhd (Mal-Tel) has been providing radio communication services to public and private sectors in Malaysia. It added an analog LTR® trunking system in 2001, but now it is turning to digital solutions.

All Area Covered

Our coverage:-
• NX-Digital
• Nothern Region
(Kedah, Langkawi, Penang and Perak)
• NX-Digital – Central (Negeri Sembilan)
• NX-Digital – Southern Region
(Johore Bharu)